Less than 4 years ago, the Franklin Theatre was in danger ofbeing reduced to rubble by the wrecking ball. That was, until a non profit preservation group with a “Git-R-Dun” attitude stepped in and turned the beat up old movie house into a community showplace. For a brief history of the Franklin Theatre, click here.

The restored and renovated Franklin Theatre, on Main Street in Franklin, TN reopened just about a year ago and I had an opportunity to visit a short time there after. The place is stunning to say the least. Designed originally as a movie house, the “new” Franklin features film fare and live music. In order to do both tasks well, Clair Brothers was called upon to create the custom solution, which is essentially two sound systems. On this short video walk through of the facility, Joseph Logston, Technical Director talks about the systems. For more on the gear used at The Franklin, visit Clair Systems.