Waterford, MI — September 29, 2011 — 

Located in southwestern Missouri, Christ Church of Oronogo has installed ISP Technologies loudspeakers throughout the three venues located on the church’s campus. The church draws a large number of Joplin parishioners as well as other communities in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

The Main Worship Center, which seats 1,200 people, installed 16 HDL 3112s, a 3-way medium format line array box, matched with eight XMAX 118 flown subs. In addition, four ISP Prowedge stage monitors are provided. The Youth Worship Center, a 400-seat room, installed four HDM 210s with two XMAX 212 subs and four Prowedge 210 floor monitors. Grand Rapids based, AudioSpace, provided the system design as well as installation.

Josh Hoenshell is the Minister of Media at Christ Church and commented, “It’s great to have a PA that has a smooth, warm sound right out of the box, having the headroom to go to the next level when you need it and still not be fatigued after a whole day of use. The HDL 3112s are perfect in terms of coverage and produce a great amount of power in a small footprint.”

While the larger rooms achieved the desired punch for the church’s contemporary worship services, the café and outlying areas also needed a sound system, one that could maintain the high quality sound of the larger rooms but do it with recessed ceiling speakers. Enter the High Definition Distributed System (HDDS) from ISP. The HDDS is a complete system utilizing high quality, powered ceiling or wall mount speakers that can be linked via inexpensive Cat5 cable. Three models of speakers are available for the system and the design team chose the surface mounted and non-plenum ceiling mounted speakers throughout the site.

Josh Maichele, CEO of AudioSpace explains, “The heart of the HDDS system is its Master Control Module which can power and control six zones individually or in any combination and can be expanded to multiple Master Control Modules for limitless expandability.  One Master Control Module has the potential to connect 56 to 90 speakers depending on needed volume, all without the need for noise-adding 70 volt transformers. The HDDS system, with its capabilities to expand, ease of wire pull, and cost effectiveness, is perfect for Christ Church.”