Jay Easley is known as a console. guy. He was part of Midas for years. Both back when they were owned by Bosch and after the Music Group acquisition. He played a very big role in reassuring the pro market that Midas would still be a pro company despite now being a part of the same company that owns Behringer. He did a great job at a tough time for that brand.


A couple of years ago, he decided he wanted a new challenge and left Midas to run US Sales for SSL. Has Jay succeeded with SSL? Well, if you called them today with cash to buy an SSL Live, you would be on a waiting list. For more than a few months.


And now, in search of a new challenge, we is moving to the other side of the mfg/sound company divide, taking on the operations role for Las Vegas-based production house HAS Productions.


“We are excited to welcome Jay Easley to our team at HAS Productions as COO. Jay’s tenured history in our industry brings a new level of leadership and direction to our company,” says Larry Hall, CEO of HAS Productions.  “We look forward to serving our loyal customer base even better moving forward.”


Over the course of two decades, HAS has grown from a one-man-one-truck-and-some-boxes proposition to one of the most highly-regarded independent sound companies in Southern Nevada with regular and repeat clients that run the gamut from concerts to corporates to small tours. With the addition of Easley, the company is poised for another round of major growth.


“HAS Productions has been one of the greats in my years of servicing production companies from the ‘manufacturer’ side of the business,” Easley says .  “The HAS dedication to having great gear and exceptional customer service is what makes me proud to be a part of this team.  An amazing customer experience is what we want to give to our clients, and the comfort that we have them covered at any angle…. we’ve got your back!!”