Due to an article in the local paper in Alabama who questioned the reasons why ZZ Top and 3 Doors Down did NOT play on an unsafe stage, Touring Professional and Crew member Jeff Chase with 3 Doors Down also SPOKE UP for Safety. Lisa Tindell of the Atmore Advance wrote an article that allegedly was riddled with what Jeff Chase called “Speculation and Untruths”. He wrote the below response as a Touring Professional and NOT as an Official Representative of the band. It also sheds a bit more light into what made Roland Castillo call the show for safety reasons. To read Lisa’s article click here. To follow the original article as we broke the story click here. If you would like to discuss THIS story, please click here.

Jeff’s’ response is below.


I am a crew member of 3 Doors Down, I was there the day we cancelled. I have chosen not to go public with the pictures that I have of gross negligence and safety issues. I felt that the immediate danger was averted, and we can just let the lawyers figure it out without tarnishing anyones reputation, and hopefully reschedule a safe and enjoyable show for everyone. The report you just filed is riddled with speculation and untruth. Now you have chosen to bring Sound Associates, a reputable company who may have had some poor representation that day, into the discussion, that can of worms is now open. I will state in no uncertain terms, the reason for the cancellation was 100% due to safety concerns! We play shows in all kinds of weather, yes the show must go on. If it’s safe! If you and the representatives of Wind Creek wish to propagate the narrative you have put forth, I will be forced to go public with the pictures that I am still keeping to myself. No OSHA representative or structural engineer would have ever allowed anyone on that stage. If you google “stage collapse” you will see that fatal stage failures have become almost epidemic in the past few years. We, as touring professionals, have an obligation to ensure the safety of our performers, audience, and ourselves. It seems to me that the folks at PCI Gaming wagered budget over safety, a bet that we are not willing to cover. I only hope that all parties now know that safety is a #1 concern, and will never be compromised. And a sincere apology to the fans, we do this for you!
Jeff Chase
Touring Professional
PS. I am speaking on my own behalf and am not an official representative of the band.

I also want to add that these issues were spotted at around 8AM, not last minute. Also, there were negotiations to perform a scaled down show, at the last minute, in order to get paid, but alas safety does not have a price, it is a moral imperative. This is biased and irresponsible reporting.