OK, this took way too long to get edited and up online. The Rev. sucks. Happy?

A full eight freaking weeks ago, we finally were able to do a video interview thingie that we hope will be the first of a bunch. Las Vegas Sound Guy Lunch. We tried this two years ago and crap audio made it unusable. My fault, I set it up in a noisy restaurant. This year it was the same basic script less the noisy restaurant.

We did this during the day on New Year’s Eve. The idea is that there are so many touring acts in Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve that it’s an amazing opportunity to get a few guys in the same place and just let em shoot the poop about life and touring and audio and… well, whatever. Hopefully we’ll be able to do this again.

The two folks this time hold a special place around these here parts and the Rev. is a big fan of both of them. Jim Ebdon has been incredibly enthusiastic, accommodating and supportive of SoundProLive.com since the beginning in 2011. We’ve done at least a couple of interviews. Links and some video is below.

Chris Rabold… Met him probably a decade ago when he was doing Widespread Panic. Later that year when ballots were being put together for the Parnellis (in another lifetime), I was a total pain in the ass insisting that this kid was gonna be a force in the near future and pushing his nomination. Never told anyone that story… Anyway, I totally owe him cuz he took a bunch of time out of a day back when he was doing Kenny Chesney a couple of years ago and the video of that interview never got edited or posted. Again, I suck.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it. If your gonna be in Vegas on Dec 31, give us a shout and we’ll add you to the Las Vegas Sound Guy Lunch guest list.





Chris Rabold Parnelli News 2007


Maroon 5's Jim Ebdon


Maroon 5’s Jim Ebdon: Outboard and Macros