Those of you who have been following along for the past year know that SPL is a part of Level 11 Media, an effort to create next-generation info tools for our friends in the music and audio fields. And we just expanded that to include the volunteers working in small to medium-sized churches. More on that very soon.

So, here’s the deal for now. We are on the verge of not only being able to create these formats for ourselves, but to provide tools for other smaller publishers to economically create versions of thier own publications in those formats. It’s pretty cool stuff.

And like most small businesses, Level 11 Media is doing this totally on thier own. No angel funding. No corporate backers. Just a group of people with ideas who are wiliing to work their butts of to make it happen. Today, all of you have an opportunity to help make that huge job a little easier.

Level 11 Media is involved in a promotion funded by Chase and Living Social called Mission Small Business. There are a large number of companies trying to get just a few grants that have the potential to, well, they have the potential to let us effectively develop and market what we do. The catch is this: We need to get 250 actual humans to vote for us in order to qualify. And that is where you come in.

I wish it was an easier process. It takes a few steps but no more than about two or three minutes. Just got to and then…

1) In the lower left corner is a button where you can sign in via FaceBook. It says Sign In and Support. Hit that button

2) You will be presented with the typical window that you get whenever you use FaceBook to sign in to anything.

3) Once you are signed in, in the lower left is a search box. Type Level 11 Media in the box and search.

4) Our info will come up along with a button that says “Vote.” Hit that button.

5) There is no Step 5. Thanks for helping us out.

Oh, wait, there is a step 5. PLEAE SHARE THIS WITH ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!  We have less than three days to get the votes we need to qualify.