I have been actively mixing live audio professionally since 1983.


Over the course of my career, I’ve actively pursued and aquired education and experience in loud speaker management/physics by becoming certified in Meyer SIM II (1999), attending SMAART training and Meyer Sound System Optimization courses, as well as training/certification courses offered by many of the major digital console manufacturers.


I am also proud to announce that I have recently officially endorsed The EAW KF740 Line Array Main PA Loudspeaker “Red Certification” training program.


My experience as a live mix engineer spans mutiple genres of music and multiple touring/venue formats, from bars to symphony halls to stadiums and everything inbetween.

I’ve had the great fortune to work with as FOH Mix Engineer and/or Production Manager with some of the following artists: 

-The Alan Parsons Live project (FOH/PM)

-Journey (FOH)

-The Celts, Christmas With (FOH/PM)

-OneRepublic (FOH/PM)

-Big & Rich (FOH/PM)

-Tanya Tucker (FOH/PM)

-Sarah Evans (FOH)


Over the last decade, my role as an audio mixer has also been enhanced  to include the responsibility of tour production management both in the continental US and around the world.


I’ve also always made a point of attending major industry conventions such as NAMM (winter/summer) and InfoComm (wherever scheduling has allowed) in order to meet the people who design, build and promote the equipment I’m most likely to see and use in the field, in the very near future.


I firmly believe that continual education, training, safety and real-world experience are amongst the most important tools in my kit and are key to my success.  


My goal is to continually learn and grow within this industry and to share my knowledge and experience with the next generation of audio professionals.