Let’s start with what this is not. It is not an endorsement by SPL of one console brand over another. We just happen to have a regular contributor who is passionate enough about Midas and AES50 that he has come off the road to start a compnay that is largely about creating interfaces and other solutions based on the Midas PRO series and the AES50 protocol. And he just happens to be nuts enough to have done this whole series of vids on his time and his dime. We’re just hosting them.

So, What IS this series about? We’ll let Jim Roese explain…

“Back a few years ago when the time came for RPM Dynamics to look into what direction to go in terms of digital format choice in mixing consoles, the decision was easy for me based on audio quality—Midas.  Ever since the launch of the XL8, my thoughts of a digital console never being able to sound as good as an XL4 or Heritage 3000 were quickly put to bed.  Unfortunately at that time, Midas digital products were well above any range of affordability and something that only a special group of artists could afford to use.  

“When Music Group acquired the brand Midas, one of the first things they did was lower the price.  The initial reduction was not based on a change in build or quality, but a change in the method of distribution which lowered the cost overall.  Since that initial price drop, Music Group found even more ways to reduce the price, and in turn, changed Midas from being the unattainable golden star into a choice that many many more users could afford to either purchase or rent as touring control.  

“Midas console operation is different than most other brands.  It’s not harder, and I actually find it easier, but it’s definitely a different way of thinking.  Due to that, I’ve seen over the last few years quite a few engineers and potential buyers shy away from choosing Midas.  Some people are not interested in change…. And even for those that are,  in order to be interested in making that change, there needs to be education available on set-up and operation that is easy to follow and readily available.

There are quite a few video tutorials available on the Web for Midas usage, but I’ve found that most of them prove to be difficult to follow in one way or another.  I saw this void and felt that it needed to be filled.  Midas #101 is my solution to the problem and a source that all Midas users can now count on for their go-to tutorial source.  Most of the initial videos are based around simple set-up for novice users, but the series also provides advanced content for those of you that already are familiar with Midas PRO Series audio consoles.  Learning one small trick you don’t know can help you. It might be that thing you choose to use daily.  Chances are if you are a Midas PRO Series user, you will find at least one of these videos helpful to you, if not many!  

Welcome to “Midas #101 with Jim Roese”