First the official stuff. From the company press release….

MUSIC Group has acquired award-winning professional loudspeaker manufacturer TURBOSOUND. Based in West Sussex, England TURBOSOUND have remained at the forefront of loudspeaker technology through three decades, earning the prestigious Queen’s Award a remarkable three times, including for Innovation in 2012. The addition of TURBOSOUND allows MUSIC Group to round out their professional and touring sound offerings alongside MIDAS and KLARK TEKNIK.

MUSIC Group founder and CEO Uli Behringer comments, “Since the acquisition of MIDAS and KLARK TEKNIK we have been pursuing a loudspeaker brand that complements the consoles and processing offered by these historic brands. Throughout our search TURBOSOUND have stood out as the ideal match because of their extensive IP, sterling reputation and a first-class team of people. I am very proud to welcome Simon Blackwood and his team to our family.”

TURBOSOUND MD Simon Blackwood comments, “With the incredible people and resources of the MUSIC Group behind us, I am thrilled to enter a new era of unprecedented growth.”

Now some unofficial commentary.

It has been three years now since the Music Group bought Midas. When that happened there were plenty of naysayers. Given the outcome i hate to admit that i was one of them. But the three years have shown that Uli Behringer and his team are serious about maintaining the the quality that made Midas famous. The biggest thing the Music Group has done is invest millions of dollars in deveoping new products and bringing them to market.

Midas had four owners in a decade. First was Mark 4, an investment company with more of an interest in automobile sound than in pro audio. Then it was Telex and then it was Bosch. Telex was an audio comapny but not one most of us associate with live sound and Bosch makes everything from lawnmowers to contact lenses and Midas (along with EV) was a part of their security division.

Anybody working there will tell you that the Music Group ownership is the best thing that happened to Midas in a very long time. This time around i am not naysaying. In fact i am expecting very good thing to come out of this. Uli has been hunting around for a pro level speaker company ever since buying Midas. Turbosound is a great choice and I expect to see the kind of things that has happened with Midas over the next couple of years. And i am guessing that will mean some industry-rattling pricing. Stay tuned.

Oh, and a big gear announcement from the Midas boys too. Tune in tomorrow for the deats on the Pro1. Can you say Midas digital for under $10K street? Including the roadcase?  More in the morning. Here’s video of Uli making the announcement. And check into the FORUM if you wanna talk about it.