www.globalsafetypartnership.com is devoted to Education, Information and SPEAK UP for Safety. GlobalSafetyPartnership.com was formed with the intention of making Safety the Number One priority in the Entertainment Industry Worldwide. There have been many too lives lost in stage collapses and other accidents that could have been prevented especially in the last few years. 

Founder and President Sandra Espinoza is a long time veteran of the Entertainment Industry as well as a Safety Advocate / Activist and Consultant who believes that nobody should die just to go to work and do their job. She saw the lack of support for those who see something wrong on the job and have no one that will listen to their concerns or take them seriously. She also realized there was a lack of information out there on Education, Training and a tipline where someone could call in globally to report an unsafe situation and receive assistance.

Sandra decided to gather together some of the best, brightest and most experienced Colleagues in the Entertainment Industry globally to serve as a Board to help suggest and guide solutions in safety in all areas of the Industry. The Board includes a Canadian Rigger, a well known Audio Engineer, a Rigging Legend, a world famous Lighting Designer and many others with the talents and passion regarding safety that will most certainly make a difference in our Industry.

Those that work in the Entertainment Industry are a Unique group of individuals with a varied and broad skillset. We strive to have something for everyone here that is of interest including Training information, Classes, Articles, Questions and Answers, Resources, a Forum and more. Unlike other groups, Global Safety Partnership welcomes ALL in this Industry, not just the people who own the businesses but those who actually work in the Industry and put their lives and safety on the line every day while on the job or tour. We firmly believe that EVERYONE should be able to go home or onto the next gig each night and not be injured or killed due to senseless accidents, ignorance or lack of safety precautions.

This website will help spread the word on the importance of safety, about individual responsibility and to remind others to be watchful of our work environments. We are indeed our brothers keeper, so we must be vigilent not only for our own safety but for theirs as well.

SPEAK UP for Safety!!

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