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At PLASA 2011, HARMAN was presented with the PLASA Award for Innovation for the new HARMAN’s JBL HiQnet Performance Manager audio system configuration and control software application. During the show’s opening two days, products were judged by an independent panel, which viewed individual product presentations. Award winners were chosen for their ability to demonstrate a new style of thinking or an improvement to technical practice with new technology or materials, as well as the use of energy-saving and sustainability benefits. 

JBL HiQnet Performance Manager is a highly-refined user interface that facilitates the design of touring and live performance venue sound reinforcement systems. Designed especially for touring and theatrical sound engineering, Performance Manager is an application-specific iteration of the category-leading HARMAN HiQnet System Architect configuration and control software application for professional-grade audio system integration.

Performance Manager systematically takes sound engineers through a step-by-step process of setting up a sound system of any scale or complexity. Each workflow stage provides a dedicated interface tailored for that specific function, thereby providing a clear focus as to the goal of each operation. The workflow finishes with a built-in and comprehensive show monitoring and control interface. In doing so, it greatly simplifies the networking, grouping, monitoring and control of power amplifiers and loudspeaker management. Most significantly, all design and control is truly achieved at the system level, with the more traditional software model of individual device control still being possible, but rightly repositioned as the advanced use case. 

There are several new innovative concepts within Performance Manager, the workflow process beginning with multiple templates for flown and ground-stacked loudspeakers, each with pre-defined grouping information to provide a simple starting point for configuration. The integrated JBL Line Array Calculator II predictive modeling tool drives the detailed configuration of the templates for powered loudspeakers or passive loudspeaker/amplifier combinations. For a passive loudspeaker system design, all amplifiers are added to the workspace and each amplifier channel is associated with the appropriate loudspeaker bandpass input in a single, automated step. The correct loudspeaker tunings and all parameters derived from the predictive modeling are also loaded into powered loudspeakers or amplifiers automatically. 

“Performance Manager simplifies loudspeaker management and as well as power amplifier networking, grouping and control. It is the perfect compliment to Crown VRACK and Crown I-Tech HD amplifiers for JBL VERTEC line array systems,” stated Brian Pickowitz, Market Manager Crown Audio. 

With Performance Manager, networking has been reduced to a simple drag-and-drop to connect each virtual rack or powered array in the software with the target physical rack or array on the network. All required control interfaces are included in the software for system calibration EQ, system tuning EQ, delay and gain, eliminating the laborious task of creating customized interfaces. All DSP is abstracted with an automatic mapping of controls to devices, regardless of the specific system configuration, providing a consistent interface for each and every system. An integrated final ‘Run Show’ mode converts the design workspace immediately into an interface for running the event, providing monitoring for input/output metering, load, AC and thermal levels. 

“Performance Manager is a rare example in professional audio where the hardware platform it controls is so mature that the software can enable a far more cohesive user experience than the accepted norm. Rather than just provide a mechanism of controlling individual boxes within a pile of hardware—the all-too-common approach for today’s industry—instead Performance Manager provides true system-level design and control, doesn’t stand in the way of the user and makes complex design simple,” stated Adam Holladay, Market Manager, HARMAN System Development and Integration Group. 

“This award reaffirms our commitment to providing sound engineers with tools that make them more efficient and ultimately more successful in live sound applications. Performance Manager gives them the ability to enhance productivity, simplify workflow, and streamline an optimal system setup from start to finish,” added Paul Bauman, Senior Market Manager, Tour Sound, JBL Professional. 

HARMAN HiQnet is the world’s first connectivity and control protocol that integrates all product categories in the signal chain for professional audio systems of all types, size, and applications. HARMAN HiQnet no longer requires the user to manage multiple disparate operating systems or be responsible for programming individual signal processors, speaker controllers, wireless microphone systems, and mixing consoles. HiQnet was developed by engineers from across HARMAN’s Professional Division and is coordinated by the System Development and Integration Group (SDIG), a team of dedicated systems specialists based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

VerTec’s Back Up Nick Cave. Photo By Amy Hope Dermont


Boston’s House of Blues is committed to great sound for great music, and its HARMAN JBL loudspeaker system is designed to let concertgoers hear their favorite bands and artists at their best. Operated by concert producer Live Nation, the Boston House of Blues can hold more than 2,000 people and needed a sound system to meet the demands of its expansive layout.

The main audio system includes 20 JBL VERTEC® VT4888DP powered midsize line array enclosures with DrivePack® technology, six ASB6128 subwoofers, and JBL AC26 loudspeakers for under-balcony fill. The stage monitor system is comprised of 12 JBL SRX712M stage monitors and four VRX915M stage monitors.

The system was designed and installed by Sound Image of Escondido, California. The installation also includes two Soundcraft Vi6 digital mixing consoles, Crown IT4000 amplifiers and a dbx DriveRack® 4800 loudspeaker management system for front-end processing. All the system’s components are networked via HARMAN’s HiQnet System Architect™ communications protocol.

“The powered VERTEC line arrays were easy to install and provide a combination of power and clarity that made them ideal for the Boston House of Blues,” said Jason Schmidlapp of Sound Image. “After tuning the room, the system sounds remarkable and is rider-friendly—an important quality for a venue that brings in some of the biggest names in music.”

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David Scheirman Joins Harman Professional Staff as Director, Knowledge Resources

Northridge, CA – Harman Professional today announced the promotion of David Scheirman to the Harman Professional staff as Director, Knowledge Resources. In this position, Scheirman has responsibility for establishing and managing new training and instructional programs and activities for the company on a worldwide scale.  He will report to Michael MacDonald, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Harman’s Northridge business campus.

“David’s industry experience, ideas and leadership skills will be an asset for Harman Professional as we move forward on new initiatives with global impact, especially in our emerging market regions,” noted Michael MacDonald.

Scheirman joins the Harman Professional staff from JBL after having responsibility for its tour sound market segment since 1997.  Uniquely qualified to serve Harman’s growing need to integrate its training and instructional activities, Scheirman has previously participated in instructional programs for industry trade and educational organizations such as Synergetic Audio Concepts, NAMM, NSCA and ICIA.

“I’m excited about embracing these new challenges,” observed Scheirman. “We have a deep and rich talent pool of product and application specialists within the Harman Professional brands. I’m looking forward to working with them to bring new, innovative information tools to our worldwide customer base.”