OK, gotta admit it. I had 100% forgotten about these videos. Until, out of nowhere I saw some of them mentioned on freaking Twitter and then I started to get notification emails about comments on the YouTube channel. And what the heck did Lenny Kravitz and Lady Gaga have in common?

It got even weirder when one of the notifications was from someone saying they were from Entertainment Tonight. And weirder still when that proved to actually be true.

Without getting into the gossip rag side of all of this, suffice to say that when an audio engineer starts dating the talent, some folks take notice.

These videos were recorded back in 2012. My wife, Linda, had been hired by the late, great PR maven (and my managing editor back in the GIG days) Diane Gershuny to shoot some pics of the Lenny Kravitz crew for a press release she was doing for DiGiCo. And I tagged along to do some video interviews. It was not a good day.

The scheduled Vegas date at the MGM Grand Garden Arena (back then, the biggest arena in Las Vegas) had been proceeded the night before by an unscheduled “surprise” private gig in Los Angeles. Which meant that trucks and gear were late and everyone was stressed trying to get ready. Plus, Laurie may be even more of a curmudgeon than I am. If that’s even possible. And he was not in the mood for a chat.

But his cohort at the other end of the snake was more talkative and, no irony at all, the reason all of this became relevant again seven years later.

So, we present gathered together in one place for the first time, our little video interviews with Laurie and Dan.