Today (7/17/2012) is the 1 year anniversary of the collapse in Ottawa, Canada at the Bluesfest. Inclement weather was blamed for the stage collapse where Cheap Trick was 20 minutes into their set when the Main Stage collapsed. The Band, some of the crew and others had left the stage just moments before. Four people were injured and thousands fled as the storm hit and the stage crumpled and collapsed  within a few seconds. 

Previous to the storm, the structure stood several stories tall before it was destroyed.  After the storm, salvage efforts began to reclaim and examine the gear that was still there.  Here is the video Robin Zander shot moments after the collapse as he checks out the stage and also sees his Truck Driver being attended to after being injured.

One of our Board members here at went up to make determinations and see what was left. JD White spent 10 days on site and writes about his experiences as well as providing never before seen photographs of the collapse and gear. Please look for the article and photos under the Ottawa Story link and the photos are under Ottawa photos link.

We all must learn from the past or else we are doomed to repeat it so the saying goes and with this years touring season in full swing, I can only keep my fingers crossed that the accidents and collapses of the past have made it a safer future for us all. I heard a very wise quote yesterday which really rings true, “Accidents don’t happen, They are caused.” Keep that phrase in mind while you are working- no matter if you are a Rigger, Lighting, Audio, Video, Stagehand or any other position Stay safe out there and SPEAK UP for safety-not just for you but for others as well.