actual instruments. But Roger Taylor was insistent from the first day of rehearsals that Queen never leaned on track and neither would this tribute to their music. “He told us right from the start, No Tracks, To Pitch Correction and No Harmonizers.” (Old schools fans will find that familiar. For years, Queen included the phrase “No Synthesizers Were Used On This Record” in all of their liner notes. Hmmm. Liner notes. Remember those?)

It’s a great show. The initial six-week outing is over but I would expect this to be back. There was too much work put into it to let it go after 25 dates.  Go see it. Pay for your own damn ticket. This is the kind of stuff we as an industry really need to support.!

QueenX live!

Back to those vocals. It’s amazing. Four lead singers including one who won the Canadian version of a Tony for playing Galileo in We Will Rock You and one who sang on the first two Yngwie Malmsteem records, did two years fronting Journey and the past four years touring with TSO as well as being the vocalist the surviving band members called on for various fan events. They are paired with an unlikely pair who both came through the online audition process. Yes, we have a chick who, unitl this tour, was singing at Six Flags Over Texas. And a singer who has done 10 albums with his own band but they have never broken into the mainstream. But that last one sounds like Freddie and looks like he could be his son. It’s a little erie. His audition video has close to 7 million views on YouTube.

But those vocals that are the biggest challenge are also the coolest part of the gig. “The coolest thing?”  James says when we ask him about it. “It’s when all nine people sing and you can hear everyone in the audience gasp.”

“Queen is all about massive walls of vocals, huge harmonized guitars and in-your-face rock. And when all of that comes together and people are blown away, that is the coolest part of the gig.”

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