Tom Chianti here, hopefully showing you the best the show had to offer.

Just spent an amazing day at The AES Show in New York. First off a special thanks to Scott Pederson of Waves for the invites. Now, there were some concerns about
attendance as it had dropped in the last few years. But, according to the AES brass, the first day’s pre and on-sight registrations blew all concerns away and as I said, it was packed.

I have been to bigger AES shows of years ago but found the only slightly smaller venue a blessing. There was room for every vender and also symposiums for the small recording studio with breakdowns on mic technique and recording and mix tips from the greats. All this and speeches from keynote members from all area of the field of recording. A well paced and well balanced show in all.

Brad Gibson (Clyne Media) gets a huge hand for leading us thru the throng to our destinations, a very gracious man indeed. And of course to Sara Griggs, who could magically make people disappear so we could get in close to the new Avid S6 control surface for a look.

My first stop was with Audia Technica to see their new headset directional mic. This thing is so small and versatile… Adding directionality to roll off ambient noise makes this a very interesting and desirable piece.

Nex,t on to my show favorite, The Digigrid/Waves systems. These will allow extra i/o in several configurations plus give you separate dsp for al your Waves plugs! I am told up to three hundred instances can be had. Yum Yum Yum. Street prices are fair and they should hit the streets in early 2014.

Focusrite is a long-time fav of mine also. There RedNet system is gaining ground thru out the industry. multiple configurations with massive transmit and receive speed thru your ethernet cable, who du knew it would work so great. Plus the Red series mic pres capture the classic size and sound of the big guys in a 500 unit.

What a day…more to come from soon (including video from Focusrite) …..TC