Greetings from Oslo…

I am going to be writing about my adventures on the road..I hope you will forgive me if my spelling is not up to par, Laurie my wife says its very bad & I don’t see spell check on here..

Lets see where to start.. I am currently on the Bon Jovi tour, It has been going for over a year now.. Sell out crowds everywhere..As tours goes its one of the Biggest. But there is  a kind of friendly feel out here as a few of us have been out one Bon jovi tours before.. For me this is the 4th.

Its a lot of work.. I will not go into the details unless you want me to.. needless to say ” ITS A BIG PA”..

I have  a good crew out here..We started this leg of the tour in Zegreb Croatia..It rained on us durning the load in but the show was not bad..No Rain..Croatia is an interesting country.. 20 per cent unimployment.. Lots of pretty girls, cheap beers and fairly good eats..

We had the pope in town when we were there.. As my son Brandon & i ( I do have my son out on the sound crew) were walking around we came to a street that was blocked off.. We went to the Baracad  and what do you know as a helicopter is hovering above, the Pope drives by.. No i was a little disapointed.. No Pope mobil… But a line of Big Black cars flys by with the Pope sitting in the car giving the royal wave..

I will give you a little gear info.. FOH is an XL-4 Full loaded, we are running about 60 Channels ( we have a ton of Stereo Channels), For Monitors we have an H3000  For most of the ear mixes & a Digi Profile for Richie.

Yes 2 Monitor engineers..

Yes we are mostley analog…

We have had every type of digital board come out for support bands and in my eye digital is ok when you do not have a reference but when you have the Big XL-4 to guage you sound you can really hear the difference..

The support band goes on and its a good show.. They think man sounds good.. The Bon Jovi hits the stage and its WOW.. its Big.. its in your face with out pain..then we get.. Were you limiting us???Did you have part of the PA turned off?? What did you do.. And i have to point at the XL-4 and say analog …

Enought of that.. Lets get back to the show.. Days off & travel.. As I said i am in Oslo today we load in tomorrow..Its a long drive from Munich ..So we got a day off today.Oslo is a beautiful city in the land of the midnight sun..We landed yesterday at 5 pm got to the hotel at about 6pm.. 3of us ( Knute, Gord & I) dropped our bags and went to the ssubway to go downtown ( about 4 stops) We must of looked like the 3 Stugges trying to get a ticket out of the machine..Gord was first.. He misses the button for English and is trying to figure out the Norwegian.. Good luck..After a few failed trys I see the English button .. Man what a difference.. he picks one way to the city center, Cash, 27 Norwegian Shitters.. Well Gord only has 12.. So we are all digging in out pockets for coins..I have 4, Kunte has 3 .. not enought.. Well by then a small croud has gathered.. I think they were chanting American go home..( Gord is a Canadian but its close) The Machine will not return the coins, it will not change to credit card it locked waiting for more coins.Finally one of the croud tosses us the needed coins and we get our first ticket..2 to go.. Well we look at the croud and say go ahead..

After the people get theres it our turn again..We the machine will not take paper money.. Coins or Credit only..So Knute & I say credit.. I have more cards then I need, but man I do not know the pin on any one of them.. so No go for me..its Knute’s time to try.. He fairs worse then me as  the machine will not even take his cards..I get the idea of getting change from the hotel across the street.. Knute says he will join me.. I head to the front desk and sak if they will do it.. No problem.. I get mine and turn to look for Knute and he is no where to be found, but then i hear this Big Voice( Knute is head of security out here and a large man.. He looks like a middle linebacker) comming from the Bar..I walk in and Knute says ” Found my change and it had a beer attached” he downs a pint in about 3 swallows..

Well not the ticket fun is no problem.. We get to the city center and what happens.. We go the wrong way to get to the resturants..We walk for over and hour see lots of interesting things , but by then we are very hungry..

The resturant is on the board walk along the water.. Lots of fish choices..Gord has the salmon.. Kunte has the Tooth fish..Don’t ask me what Tooth Fish is?? I have the Lobster Thurmador..Its all very good.Now Knute is an American of Norwegain lines.. He is talking with the very pretty girl waiting on us.. When she leaves he says he thinks he is going to send his son Thor her for school to find a fine young Norwegian girl like the Waitress..

As we are leaving he askes the girl.. Sre you from Oslo???She smiles and says no she is from Lithowania..You could see Knutes shoulders slump.. Gord & I star chuckeling.. he was all set to marry Thor to thei gril and now thats off..

As we are walking back to the subway we all coment on ..” Its 10:30 pm and it looks like 4 in the afternoon”

Well enought of that.. I will be back with more  from the road soon..