Hi Sue,

I wonder if you can help.  I seem to be catching a lot of colds and never get to catch up on my sleep.  Is there a way I can stay healthy this winter while still being on the road and is there anything I can take if I do get sick?  


Hello LS,

There are so many natural products on the market – its really important to know what works and what doesn’t.  I’d make a few suggestions and say that if you don’t find that this does it for you, make an appointment with a homeopath to treat your underlying weakness as that way you’re addressing the cause.

The first thing is to make sure you are getting enough nutrients and to supplement vitamin C and D in the winter.  I am really strict about suggesting that any vitamins you do buy are food state (made from whole foods and not synthesized) as then they at least will be absorbable by your body.   The C needs to have bioflavanoids and the D should be D3.  

Sambuca (elderberry) syrup is a good cold preventative as are zinc tablets. 

As far as remedies go, please don’t overdose on Occillococcinum, even though it’s the most readily available remedy.  Its for treating flu but should only be taken for a few days twice a day – and don’t take for more than 5 days.  Its not for cold prevention but for influenza.  A much cheaper way to buy it than the store brand is to order Anas Barb 200c from a homeopathic pharmacy.  Its much cheaper that way and the dose either way is one pellet = one dose so you don’t need to follow what’s on the box.

And don’t forget to wash your hands!!