A few months ago, Robert Scovill wrote a great blog about the possibility of a “roadie reality TV” show. Well, it happened…


And the natives have been stirred up. The following is an excerpt for a LONG thread about the show on the Facebook. Lots of trash-talking and most of the people are here are not audio. But it’s an interesting look at the extended tribe.  Fave exchange by far…


“Finally a sound guy who realizes a audio doesn’t qualify as a roadie” 

” Audio guys couldn’t pour piss out of a boot, with directions on the heel.”


“Audio guys are smart enough NOT TO PISS IN A BOOT in the first place…




The show we have all been waiting for! LOL





Warped Roadies – Backstage Photos, Videos, News and More – Fuse 
www.fuse.tv”Warped Roadies” dives into the lives of the crazy crew who move the Warped Tour across the country with more than 60 bands in tow and takes you behind-the-scenes to see the inner workings of keeping the tour rolling. Premieres Dec. 7 at 11/10c



An insult to real roadies
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If the $1 Billion live music industry was ran buy these kids?! Oh boy the fun we could have the places we could see;-)
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They cry to much to be roadies .

Looks like a bunch of pop up tent techs to me , and we know how smart you have to be to set those up ….
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What an insult to all the hard working professionals.
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 Now every kid is gonna be a tour manager for $500. a week
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This is why we have to argue our rate. Fuck this show.
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Looks more like “Warped Carnies” to me. The guys in that Sprint commercial are more believable roadies than these guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m35bpGTQglY
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Do I even need to watch for 5 minutes or will I be sick?
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Not a single one of them are wearing the roadie uniform , all black . 

And what’s up with the Malibu safety shoes ?
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Well… it’s about as “real” as any other “reality” show.
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You know why they didn’t film real crew, becuase there is no entertainment in watching people actually work…
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Not true. Stage managers do it every day!
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They do it, but they aren’t (often) entertained by it.
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Kevin Lyman—We hire convicts–they are loyal–WOW
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20 some years ago I once had to deal with a “roadie for a day” promotion…she showed up in heels, a tube top and stretch pants (which btw, had no choice). When I tried to actually make her work the promoter informed me I was to only give her a fluff job (yes, I thought the same thing, but we apparently had different definitions of fluff job)…

I also recall about that time the arena in Little Rock used Trustee’s for local crew…they all showed up in orange jumpsuits…they worked hard, never wandered off, said yes sir and no sir…maybe that was because the job steward carried a shotgun…
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And their captions in the photos are all shown on a background of…duct tape??
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Its almost s Second City skit..
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Jason, I took you on the road when you knew way less than these guys. They are exactly like you were in 98. And to the sick woman who has never done a real tour, you got a lotta balls to call the kettle black. You wouldn’t last a day on a gig with me.
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Remember that show “who wants to work for Diddy?”, in which people would work toward being his assistant? Those of us actually doing that kind of work were a bit appalled by that show, too. Whiny kids being made to do everything BUT what an actual assistant would do, and complaining it was too hard/too much at once. If they had any real clue, lol…
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Voice opinions and likes/dislikes of the show all you like. Be annoyed at rookies and guys who don’t fit your description of a “roadie.” Laugh/be angry/be annoyed at how reality television makes what we do for a living look like a college party. I do. I am.

I’d rather not be a part of a group that spends their time gossiping and trash-talking like middle schoolers about people behind their backs.. people in your line of work. People who are a part of your “community.” In this instance, I am referring to a very small percentage of people on the aforementioned tv show. 

The world is small. The music business is tiny. Enjoy your bashing, it’s just not for me. I’m out.
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Let’s see. Traveling on a bus, dumping 20 trucks-15 days in a row, building 9 stages, stacking 9 PA’s, Loading 200 sets of band gear, then setting up a whole village of tents for sponsors and food when you’re done. Those same guys just want a break to learn what many of us know. Sure, it may be a carney atmosphere that none of us would ever want to do,and they certainly aren’t all skilled technicians. But to say they aren’t roadies, give me a break.
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Just how small this industry is…reminds me of a coffee cup I once saw on Martee’s desk at the old Vanco shop – “Careful…the toes you step on today may very well be connected to the ass you’ll need to kiss tomorrow”… I find it ironic that some tv show can be so insulting to a group of people’s sense of professionalism yet still refer to themselves as roadies or techies…
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 I am not trash talking anyone, I am trash talking the low wages, no days off, 15 to 20 people on a bus while some jerk off lines his pockets with all the money BS
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 I say pitchforks and torches and lets find the idiot in hollywood who is responsible for the show. Lets get em anyone in ? hahahaha
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Fair enough… we all started somewhere, but I don’t think this “reality” show is a very good representation of what most us know as life on the road. Also, I think most of us don’t consider ourselves “roadies” anyway. We’re well-paid professionals. Designers, programmers, techs, etc. It’s like working in a record store and saying you’re in the music biz… apples and oranges. By the way, has anyone in here been on a tour that took “1000 roadies” to setup? I call BS on that!
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I hope my kids never see it
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Be thoughtful of what you say about these kids on the show. They are the ones that the New and Up and coming bands are seeing everyday for all of summer. These are the ‘friends” that the bands will hire for the jobs we seek. These are the ones that will then become the Stage Mangers or the Production Managers for the new big act.
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I will never be seeking a job these posers offer and by the time,if and when, they ever become stage managers or production managers, I will be years retired from the road.
December 10 at 12:43pm via mobile · Like · 8

No not really August, maybe a couple will get there but if a band really starts to break and it gets serious this is how it works most of the time…….It is when house cleaning happens and the politics and upper level techs come into play. Many will get left behind and thats how it works.
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The band’s “Tour Manager” moves to merch..
December 10 at 12:47pm · Like · 2

Such bitterness from everybody. I think all of us were young and wanted and needed a chance, right? I would never want to be out on the Warped Tour. Years ago I did them as a local almost 6yrs in a row. It is brutal. This is a ‘reality show” that is showing a side of our industry and is making it glamorous. Most of those “kids” won’t make it even 5yrs in the industry but then there are some that will be here for the rest of their lives. God Bless Them and keep them Safe.
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Even the person who shovels elephant shit is in show business!! Lets make him in charge
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18 years old, fresh out of high school. Heading to camp at Gorge, get party and see WARP TOUR for the first time. (Pennywise, Offspring, Bad Religion , rancid…) 

Man back then I would have jumped on that tour in a heart beat and not even worried about being paid. Party all summer and travel the country??! Cool….

But who would have thought these “Glorified Campers” would have ever be consider themselves Roadies?
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I thought becoming a old salty bitter road dog was a right of passage. I must be screwed up because I always looked up to those guys.hahaha
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This dialogue reminds me of when I was touring with Ozzy Osbourne in the ’80’s. I pushed play on the “new” movie “Spinal Tap” in the back lounge and Jack from Tasco read me the riot act! He complained that it made fun of what we did for a living and should never be played! How far we’ve come. One of the things I love best about our biz, is the sense of humor…
December 10 at 6:15pm · Like · 3

how many of you guys watch any of the inane “reality” shows out there today and think “OMG! So that’s what it’s really like to be a housewife in New Jersey”… people don’t really believe reality shows are real. They’re modern day soap opera’s to make the average joe feel better about his own miserable existence… and by and large, the general public don’t give a shit about what WE “really” do anyway…they don’t care and no matter how much you want the general public to understand that we are skilled professionals who work our asses off, miss most of the important events in our loved ones lives, etc., etc…they don’t care… get over yourself! And BTW…Spinal Tap was closer to reality (at least at that time) than most of these reality shows are now…that’s why it’s still so damn funny…too many shots just over the bow!
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It’s not funny though…. Get over yourself and have a little pride in the work you do……
December 10 at 8:07pm via mobile · Like · 5

Pete, I attribute it like this; it’s like real miners watching Gold Miners. Still, I’m upset because truth be told; I could assemble a crew for a tour that would be COMPLETELY entertaining AND be a TRUE road crew of roadies that get the job done.
December 10 at 8:08pm via mobile · Like · 3

You know I’m reminded of what a mentor of mine told me years ago when I got started. You’re only as good as your last gig. And only remembered if you did a shitty job.
December 10 at 8:12pm via mobile · Like · 6

1. sorry, but the only people who would be entertained by what we do are people who do what we do, the public is a lot more interested in the people actually on the stage…2. I would venture to say the people in the video are getting their job done…3. since when is a gold miner not a “real” miner?

I mean really, where does this stop? I can say I do mostly corporate shows…this is where the “real” professionals are…any good crew chief and a half dozen trained monkey’s can go out and do an average rock tour… how many of you does that piss off? Getting upset at how a stupid video portrays your profession indicates you want recognition and respect/admiration from the general public…I would suggest you take up acting or join a band, or anything but this profession…
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Just a bunch of good old fashioned shit-talking in here… kinda like being on the road! Whatever you do (or think you do) or call yourself… just be safe, watch out for each other and treat each other with respect.

hahahahah this is funny, all of it.
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Corporate events are just glorified high Skool talent shows
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but corporate events bring a much much better pay day.. Its where old engineers go… more money, less work, and sleep in my own bed.
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Great point! Can’t argue that. The ol roadie grave yard
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I would also like to point out Jeff referred to himself as an old engenieer.. And not an old roadie! Finally a sound guy who realizes a audio doesn’t qualify as a roadie 

Stir the pot… Stir the pot 
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Audio guys couldn’t pour piss out of a boot, with directions on the heel.
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Audio guys are smart enough NOT TO PISS IN A BOOT in the first place…
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One word : Tolerance !!!
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Come on guys let’s all face it we are all just professional shit relocator’s
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if only we all could be narrated by the guy who did NFL films.
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Episode 2 tonight! Can’t wait! LOL
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And so it begins
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“We’re all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn’t. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing.”

— Charles Bukowski (via lies-and-slander)

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