Roland Castillo of IATSE 134 San Jose (Head Rigger on the ZZ Top tour) was responsible for calling the ZZ Top / 3 Doors Down show at the Wind Creek Hotel and Casino in Atmore, Alabama last week. The show was called due to unsafe stage and rigging/roof conditions. It was a TOTAL FAIL. This could have easily been the next disaster if Roland hadn’t been on top of things and I think we should be grateful for him having the experience and the balls to step and and SPEAK UP.. Luckily the TM, PM and crews for both bands trusted his judgment and stood behind him. Let’s all take a lesson from Roland and SPEAK UP when things are unsafe. That is the ONLY WAY we are going to make things change and also make sure that we all get to go home each night after every gig.. NOBODY including crew, artists or audience should ever have to die for a show..

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