Back in March, I was doing a TM/FOH gig as a one off in The Napa Valley. I had 2 shows that weekend, both of which ended early on the second day of the event. Joel Lonky was working as Production Manager for one of the artists that weekend for the same event and there ended up being a hole in both of our schedules so we decided to hook up and hang out for a while seeing as usually that situation never presents itself for two people doing the same type of gig. 

Both of us are huge advocates of Midas digital and try to mix on it as much as possible. It was a pretty cool afternoon of gear talk for us. Joel talked to me about the rig he was using to run his Waves suite live on his Rob Zombie Pro 9 setup. Functionally, the rig he was using worked perfectly, but it utilized several pieces of gear to accomplish the task. During our conversation,

i told him about a new product that I was working on that could provide for all of his needs in just one rack space, including the computer!  His concern was that along with running Waves, his rig also needed to allow his plug-ins in Waves Multi-rack to follow console scene changes, which he was able to do in his current rig. I told him my new box, the RPM-MS48 should begin shipping in May and I was pretty sure I could make it happen for him.

Here’s a short video of Joel’s new plug-in server RPM-MS48 (serial number #001 specially for Joel!) running his Rob Zombie Midas show file with Waves following his scene changes via MIDI control….as if his Waves is now an internal part of his Midas PRO9 console!