A little over a year ago, Jim Roese posted his first video dealing with an alternative way to multi-track record off of a Midas Digital console.  At that time, the only solutions available were options that required either the use of several pieces of hardware utilizing multiple format changes, or a stand-alone unit offered by Midas.  Both of these solutions were extremely expensive and financially out of reach to many users.  

Jim managed to prove that he could get a MacPro to function as a stand-alone rig at a price-point that was more affordable…making it actually within reach of many Midas digital console users.  

Later, Jim used that same rig, to show that along with multi-track recording, it could be used to run low latency Wave’s plug-ins on Midas digital via the AES50 I/O stream and Waves Multi-Rack Native.  

In this video, Jim not only shows in detail his new way of doing all of this in a much less expensive and much more portable solution, but also shares some of his knowledge about AES50 I/O with you and answers many of the questions you might have on the subject also!!