Hi Sue: I try to take care on the road and make sure all the stages are wired properly and all but every now and then I get a shock. Sometimes it’s minor but sometimes it REALLY hurts. What can I do to take care of myself after receiving a jolt?  Sparky

Hi Sparky –

Great question.  Safety is obviously paramount and I know you all try to take care at all times but accidents do happen. 

If its looking like a medical emergency – always get rapid treatment.  On the way to the hospital you can and I recommend that you do try these remedies.

With any shock its always good to start with ARNICA 30c- this helps the body re-balance from any injury.  Try two pellets under the tongue three times over the first 15 minutes and then follow on with a dose once an hour for a few hours.

For electro shock the main remedy is Phosphorus 30c or 1m.  If you can get 30c at a health food store that’s great but if you’re dealing with cables and wires all the time it would be well worth your time to carry some Phosphorus 1m around with you for any jolts – its a higher potency and will do what it needs to quickly.  You can take 3 in 15 minutes and then re-dose (if you feel still shaky) a couple times later that day. 

If you’re still having the symptoms a day later or so get in touch and set up an acute appointment via Skype so we can try something else.  I can be reached at sueanellohomeopathy.com and anellony@gmail.com