OK, so we’re easy. We have a soft spot for the outspoken. Those who say what they think and let the consequences be damned. Which is probably why we are fans of Larry “Big Daddy” Hall, owner of HAS Productions in Las Vegas, Nevada.


So the deal is that in trying to make a decision on speakers to stock at HAS, he found himself with more candidates than he expected. And having a ton of speaker companies in one place can lead to only one thing.


A shootout.


August 21 at the Star of the Desert Arena in Primm, NV (40 miles south of Las Vegas). There are special “we’re giving ’em away” rates available on rooms at the hotel/casino attached to the arena. And Big Daddy has set the rules. Participants so far include Outline, EAW, EV, DAS, RCF and Turbosound. We will pass no judgement on the manliness or lack thereof on the part of the companies that were invited but declined. We will leave that to the members of the audio tribe who show up to hear the competition.


You can find more info and RSVP on FaceBook.