I know everyone is going to write about the flown arrays so I am going to focus totally on the subs.

By Dave Tennant

Each of the flown arrays had their own strong points, but so did the subs. Several showed off their horsepower in an “end fire” setup (EAW, VUE, Turbosound), others a more conventional cardioid setup (RCF, DAS), and EV went for the “stack it and forget it” approach.

Most impressive to me in the “end fire” group were the four VUE hs28’s. Very compact for a double 18” enclosure with a ton of output. Great tone and really controlled at the crossover point with the VUE al8 and al4 arrays. The eight EAW SB2001 double 21” subs absolutely rocked the venue and were my favorite overall. Though an “end fire” setup is not always practical, I’ve heard the SB2001’s in several cardioid setups, including the “Alabama Sister” (thank you Ferrit), with always the same result, AWESOMENESS! All I can say about the six Turbosound double 18” subs is; 1) They’re HUGE and heavy, and 2) They hit like a truck.

RCF displayed the only “self-powered” set of subs, six TTS56-A, 6800w, double 21”s. Power, power, power! Along with the twelve flown TT55’s, they will shake your teeth right out of your head and sound great while doing so. DAS stacked six LX-218’s in a cardioid pattern and had the best overall rear rejection, I thought. I wouldn’t mind having to mix monitors behind them while they were in total “ROCK” mode. You’d never even realize they were on.

Finally, EV went old school with six Xsub double 18”s. Great sounding front loaded box. With EV’s advances in their amps and DSP’s, the Xsub and Xlc Arrays have come a long way in the past few years.

Mix engineer/production manager Dave Tennant is the owner of DTPS (Dave Tennant Production Services) in Las Vegas, NV. 

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