I’ve been working in live sound for so long now that I guess you could call me a “lifer.”

I don’t feel old at all, though.   Not one bit. 

In fact, I’m certain that there is nothing I could or would rather be doing (for a paycheck) after all these years.  Not one thing.   Bye the way, I’ve still got a long way to go yet before I’m done, a long way.

I’m lucky that way and I know it.  Call me crazy, but I still love my job after all these years.

The way I see it is this:

I get paid to make people happy whilst I mix live music!

I get paid to help to make them scream, cheer, jump, dance, crowd surf, sway, smile, wave, wonder and weep.  All at the same time and in the same place!

bring the party 092513

I get paid to help solicit a positive emotional response from crowds of people both large and small. 

And I get paid to do it all using the latest in modern technology too! (Mostly…)

new technology 092513

Working with new technologies.

For me though, it’s still all about catching the “ultimate buzz”. 

It’s the raw energy of the crowd.  It’s that twinge of anticipation just before and as the lights go down.  It’s the sheer excitement of the crowd during the intro and down beat of the show. 

It’s that roar of the crowd when the artist hits the stage.  It’s the feeling of pure symbiosis when you, the artist and the audience become one, through music. 

It’s pure energy and it’s magic!  It’s also highly addictive.

I’ll be the first to admit though, that it is a total power trip.  It’s control.  It’s the culmination of a well- rehearsed and well-executed plan.  It’s a shameless display of talent both on and off of the stage.  It’s a successful merging of both the scientific and artistic elements of musical production.

It’s the building of and becoming an important part of a team: becoming a part of something larger.  It’s my family away from home.

I’ve made some fantastic life-long friendships both personally and professionally traveling around this planet doing that thing we call sound.

I still look forward to the excitement getting on the bus on the first night of a run.

(Not so much after “Southern Chili Night” mid tour though… Ha-ha!)

I look forward to seeing my road family friends again and again, venue after venue, year after year.  And yes, after a time I too yearn to return home for a while.  It’s an endless cycle.

In fact, I still look forward to turning knobs on just about anything audio.  Old or new, plain or fancy, large or small, I mix on ‘em all.  Yes, even still on analogue now and again!

real life shrek 092513

I’ve both had and continue to have great fortune in the people with whom I work, both on and off the road.

I’m lucky that way and I know it.  Call me crazy, but I still love my job after all these years.

– Shrek