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Opinion: Thing (noun). By far the single most common element found in live sound reinforcement today. 

Although entirely subjective, “opinion” is often offered without either proper solicitation and/or professional qualification.

Example:  “Hey, your speakers sure sound like crap!(noun)” or  “Hey, that crap sure sounds great through your speakers!”  Proper etiquette dictates that your “opinion” need only be offered when either specifically requested by me or you are my employer. 

The “sound man’s” “opinion” is generally final and is trumped only by the Artist and/or Artist’s girlfriend/wife and/or management.  Whichever comes first.  (I know to be careful what I ask for.)  NEVER confuse your “opinion” with your @#$hole (noun).   I know, I have one too.

Without a doubt, there are many, many more colloquialisms that are known only to us as a group.   I may attempt a Part 2 at a later date, solely with the intention of demystifying for the masses (noun/plural) our very own terms of endearment.

And of course, a good laugh.

– Shrek

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