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Sound Check:  Action (verb).  “Sound check” is the act of physically testing or “checking” the sound of the “PA” and the monitors in the venue. 

This action usually (but not always) includes the Artist and/or band performing a few (or not so few) numbers to test the sound.  Ideally, this will include both of the sound departments (and hopefully the band).

This is in order to make sure that the sound is right. 

Note the use of the term “right”, as it’s a relative term. 

This is done each day while on “tour”.  “Sound check” may or may not actually involve the Artist.  Example: “I need more Zither in my mix” or “It sounds really boomy where I’m at” or “Wow, it sounds amazing here at FOH!” and “I can’t really hear the bouzouki well behind this pillar/obstruction”.  NEVER to be confused with “Line check” which is strictly for checking lines.

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