Really the coolest thing that I saw was the E-Motion virtual console by Waves (still in beta, but looks like it is going to be awesome), along with the DiGiGrid interfaces that basically allow you to convert any format to Soundgrid.  Digilink, MADI, AES50, can all be converted into the SoundGrid format, which then lets you not only have the ability to have Waves plug-ins on every console out there, but also the ability to record and do virtual soundcheck on every console out there.  Really awesome.  Coming soon.

I was hanging with my good friend Jonathan Pines of Fingerprint Audio.  They distribute sE microphones and Rupert Neve design products.  So we were just chatting about the latest cool microphones, when an older gentlemen on a scooter rolls up nonchalantly.  Jonathan says “Hey do you want to meet Rupert Neve?”   


It’s Rupert Neve.  The Godfather of professional audio.  Most of the pieces of gear that I have fallen in love with for the last 20 years are Rupert Neve products.  One of the very first consoles that I ever worked on in a studio, when I moved to Los Angeles, was a Neve 8078 and it is (to this day) the best sounding, absolutely my favorite, console I have ever worked on.  Later in my career I spent HOURS, MONTHS, YEARS, in front of an 80108 console at Ocean Studios in Burbank. (not quite as cool console, but many signatures of the Neve products.)  

THERE HE WAS – RUPERT NEVE.  WTF am I gonna say?  

As Jonathan introduced me to him, I panicked.  I think what came out of my mouth was, “thank you for making me sound good.”   I looked to Jonathan, and he gave me a weird look and said to Mr. Neve – “Pooch uses some of your products as a live sound engineer.”  Which in turn made Mr. Neve look at me funny and say “Really?!?”  This made me panic even more, and I was just about to elaborate when other fans ran up wanting an autograph.  It’s funny, I don’t usually get starstruck, but this 80-year-old man on a rascal scooter, who was really nice and humble, brought me to my knees.  Go figure.

Sonnet has some great products.  They make a single space chassis that holds a Mac mini and an Avid PCIe card.  Single space 64 track recording with Avid processing.  Cool.  If one card is not enough, they makes some amazing Thunderbolt chassis that hold three Avid PCIe cards.  With a thunderbolt enabled laptop you now have 192 tracks of recording capability with a laptop and a chassis that is barely bigger than the three cards.  AMAZING.

I attended a demo of the new Meyer Leo product line.  Really a game changer for them.  It is a 15″ line array, with new sub woofers that are excellent.

RCF (Italian speaker company) just released a new line array as well.  I have a pair of their near-fields in my studio.  They are really amazing products.  All of their speaker lines are made in house in their factory in Bologna, Italy.  Very passionate people, great product line.  Check em out.

Finally I ran into an old friend, Shachar Gilad (formerly of Waves, and Apple Inc.), who started a company called   You should really check this out.  His vision is a place where musicians, and managers can go “shop” for audio talent.  What makes it different is that it is searchable by specialties and genres, by location, etc.  “SoundBetter connects between musicians and audio talent, by providing audio engineers a platform to set up a beautiful profile in minutes for free, where they can market and promote their services, showcase their skills, credits, gear, specialty, genres, budget, location and know-how. Musicians looking for engineers come to one destination and search, filter and find audio professionals locally or remotely, based on industry-specific criteria and previous client endorsements.”