Summer festival season is upon us.  Here are some essential remedies to carry with you in your tour first aid kit for prevention and cure.

Hydration –

Of course rule number one is to stay hydrated.  In order to boost your health try putting 10 pellets of the biochemic salts “Bioplasma” in every two liter bottle of water.  Don’t forget even in non-hot climates the first rule is 6 8 oz glasses per day.  Keeping properly hydrated will help prevent headaches and other physical symptoms to mess up your day.

If you manage to get dehydrated anyway and feel sick then try the remedy China 30c.  Take 2 pellets – three times in a day.  That should be all you need.

Sun Protection/Overheating –

Its important to protect your skin from burning – not just to prevent long term damage and skin cancer but also to keep yourself free from overheating and heat stroke.  Try to get sunscreens that are as free from chemicals as possible as they are carcinogenic in themselves, and wear a hat and sleeves wherever possible.

If you do get overheated try these remedies:

Belladonna –

The first remedy associated with heat stroke or burning – could be drowsiness or even loss of consciousness.  There might be whizzing in the ears.  The symptoms will have come on seemingly “suddenly”.

Gelsemium –

You feel progressively and slowly worse, weak at the knees, shakey, head is heavy.  Completely wiped out.  No thirst.

If you tend towards overheating and feeling debilitated in the sun you can take Natrum Muriaticum 6x preventatively.  Put 5 pellets a day in your water bottle and make sure you drink it.

Food Safety:

If something has been left out for long enough to get warm and its not meant to be, or long enough to cool off a long time and its supposed to stay hot –stay away.  But if you do manage to get sick anyway, here’s the best of the food poisoning remedies:

Arsenicum album – bad meat or fish; diarrohea, restless and can’t sit down even if feeling weak. Anxiety that you’ve done yourself in for good!  Sipping warm drinks and thirsty for water.

China – This is the best remedy for debility after loss of body fluids (see dehydration)

Nux Vomica – that “hangover feeling” (on and yes it’s a fantastic hangover remedy too…); disordered stomach, need hot coffee, over stimulated then feel like you could pick a fight with anyone.

If you find you need further help definitely get in touch. I consult on many health and well being topics.  I am also producing first aid homeopathy kits for TMs and crew so for further information contact me at