his legacy with Streisand, we’re trying to keep pushing that as much as we can. One of the most important things I learned from him was about thoroughness: nailing down every detail you possibly can to make it right, no matter what, and I believe we are doing just that with the Streisand tour. I think we’d make Bruce proud.”

Streisand: Show Time!

Streisand: Show Time!


Carlton Audio Services: carltonaudio.com

Clair Global: clairglobal.com

Epic Productions (lighting): www.epicpt.com

Peter Morse (Lighting Designer): www.petermorse.com

Screenworks (video display solutions): www.nepinc.com/welcome/screenworks

Streisand official site: www.barbrastreisand.com

Tait Tower (set and staging): www.taittowers.com

Back To Brooklyn Crew

House Engineer: Chris Carlton

Assistant House Engineer: Kevin Gilpatric

Orchestra Engineer: Steve Colby

Barbra Monitor Engineer: Ian Newton

Band Monitor Engineer: Blake Suib

System Engineer: Bob Weibel

Assistant Monitor Engineer: Jason Brace

Assistant Monitor Engineer: Chris Fulton

Technician: Tom Ford

Technician: Daniel Badorine

Technician: Ricardo Avila

Technician: Brandon Allison

Back To Brooklyn Gear

House Console: DiGiCo SD7 and DiGiCo 007 extender

Monitor Console: DiGiCo SD7 (Streisand), DiGiCo SD-10 (Band and Orchestra)

Orchestra Submix Console: DiGiCo SD10

House Speakers: Clair i-5 Mains and Sides / i-3 Rears / i-DL’s Delays

Monitor Speakers: Clair LP315, LP3315, 3-way 12am soft dome 

Personal Monitor Systems: Orchestra and Band Avioms 

House Amplifiers: Lab Gruppen

Monitor Amplifiers: Lab Gruppen

Hardwired Mics: DPA 4099, Schoeps CM6, AKG 414, DPA 4021, Milab DC96b, AT 4050, Senn E-609, SM57, Beta 52, Sony C48, Beyer 160, AT-U857QL, Cascade Fathead ll, AKg 535 

Wireless Mics: Senn SKM5200 with Custom Rhode Capsules, Shure UR4D