OK, that’s innapropriate. Really.  Trust us. Google it. But check it out. It takes some intestinal fortitude to be a woman in this industry at any level. But, how many female system techs can you name. We’ll wait…    ….    …..   Anyone? …   …   …  Bueller?

Right. So now, jump into a tight touring family where the house engineer and the house system tech have been pretty much joined at the hip for several years and do it without any real warmup. Make the first gig the only scheduled gig in North America for 2013 for a giant A-level band with rabid fans. Just for grins, let’s make that gig in a “performing arts” venue in a Vegas casino that was designed with pop and Broadway in mind and that is severly under-subbed for a rock/rap hybrid. And for a bit of icing on the cake, make it the leadoff to a string of festival gigs in New Zealand and Australia.

Still seems like that opening line is inappropriate?  We didn’t think so. (Still haven’t Googled it? Wanker…)

Suzy got her start down under in her hometown of Perth working in production in radio for better than a decade but even then she was drawn to the live side of things. “We would work with touring bands doing things like soundcheck parties and I knew this is what i wanted to do.”

She came to the U.S. originally on vacation and discovered an audio school with a live sound program in New York City. Came back as soon as she was able, went to school and then started working with Maryland Sound doing gigs with Neil Diamond, Josh Groban, Hall and Oates and Seal before stepping into the shoes once occupied by Chris “Cookie” Hoff. (Cookie is the new monitor engineer for Josh Groban.)

We met Suzy shortly before the Linkin Park show at the Center for the Performing Arts at Planet Hollywood and got to chat for a bit before Pooch arrived and it was time to mix the show. Check the video.