By Mical Caterina

Me and thousands like me that work in the live events industry literally devote our lives to the saying, “The show must go on.” It might sound silly to you but it does not to us.

At times we have done the impossible to make sure your live theater, music concert, broadway show, corporate event, or trade show was delivered with excellence. You don’t know us but that’s how we like it.

Teleprompters, engineers, camera operators, lighting designers, audio designers, graphic artists, photographers, technical directors, scenic artists, riggers, stage managers, producers, drafters, special effects persons, prop masters, script writers, and truck drivers, all brought together to deliver your show to you safely and with the highest quality. Every time.

But for the group that was hit hardest the earliest, there is no more show.

The stages are dark.

We still live by the same principle only now with our minds on the show at home. Our focus is now on our families, our children, our bills and our responsibilities.

Watch us now. Now you will see our resilience and strength. You’ll see us solve unsolvable problems. You’ll see us turn to each other to make it happen. We dodge bullets for a living and this will be no different. And just like when we are performing for you, we don’t always know what the solution will be but we know we will find one and the show will go on.

All we want is to be back on the job, doing what we do best for you. And we will be soon.

At your next live event, although you won’t see us, know that we’re there.

You ready to see what we can do now?

Stand by…….



Mical Caterina