If you are on the road, eventually, something you own will get stolen. It is practiacally inevitable. The only question is what it will be and how hard it will be to replace. Martin got nailed a few weeks ago and lost A LOT. This is the beginning of a four or five part series on what happened, how to respond if it happens to you and how to protect yourself via insurance and multiple backups. Stay tuned…    -Ed.

This past January, while on a short four-day road trip with band and crew, we were robbed in broad daylight. While stopped for lunch at a well-known national restaurant chain our securely locked transportation was broken into and cleaned out.  Pro job all the way.  The thieves first tried drilling out the keyhole, and failing that smashed in the window.  They cleaned us out and were gone in 2 minutes or less! 

We were parked in the RV lane with security cameras present.  The trailer (by the way) wasn’t touched…and this is where all of the real big money stuff was…so, actually we were lucky. 

Still, besides the immediate loss of possessions, we also suffered hours and hours of travel delay.  Good thing it was a travel day!

Times are tough all over.  Crime is on the rise and it’s happening everywhere.  Theft and armed robbery are regular items on the local news daily: but still we believe it won’t happen to us.  I mean, what are the odds?

van 020213

Guess what?

Because we do what we do…and how and where we do it…we, as a group, are far more likely to get robbed then if we just stayed home and worked a regular day job.

Think about it:  Airports, taxis, limos, busses, vans and trailers, hotels, bars, questionable neighborhoods, long hours…and a new location or venue with new faces each and every single day.  The list of our vulnerabilities goes on and on.  We’re professional tourists (sort of) and that makes us easy targets.

Starting to get the picture?

What exactly do you have to lose?

Let’s start with the basics:

1. Your suitcase/duffel bag has all of your work/leisure clothes, toiletries, medications, other personal items, etc.  In some cases, certain types of medications are life saving!

2. Your wallet has your ID, debit/credit cards, cash (usually the smallest loss, but initially hurts the most – since you now no longer have your ATM card) and, perhaps, your passport.

computer bag 020213

3. Your computer bag has your laptop(s), iPad, iPod, backup drives, USB media, Flash media, PCMCIA card, chargers and assorted related cabling.  And since this bag usually doubles as a briefcase…it may also hold your credentials, paperwork, house keys, etc.

4. Your phone.  This has all of your contact info in it, and maybe even some of your financial info, too.

5. Your Pelican, or other personal road case(s), has all of your essential daily tech-tools.  If you’re like me, this is where most of your real portable moolah lives.

6. Your own personal equipment: special mics and outboard gear.

That day, I lost my computer bag with ALL of the aforementioned computer bag items and a good digital camera, too. 

Oh, I also lost my weekend (small, overhead-sized) travel suit case.  This contained ALL of the aforementioned suitcase items — minus the life saving medication. 

Did I mention I also lost a pair of $200 Giorgio Bruttini dress shoes I wear for corporate events?

What should you do if this happens to you?

Continued in Theft! Part 2.

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