I’m pretty sure I’d be right on point if I were to say that just about all of us in the music industry are in it because of the passion we have for music. I know it’s not always about the money, it certainly isn’t for me. If it was all about the money for me then I would have gotten out a long time ago. There were some lean times for me back in the day when I started out. Thankfully things have been stable for a while and I’m glad I toughed it out and I’m still in it.  Sure, we all get our fair share of the tough gigs we’re not big fans of. Whether it’s a difficult artist, less than professional musos, cold and rainy load-outs, etc., there will always be gigs that remind us we do need to get paid to do this even though most of us would do it for free.  But then there are always those special gigs that make all the other ones worthwhile.  Such was the case last night when I was on hand to oversee the broadcast mix of Cee Lo’s performance at Yankee Stadium for the NHL’s Stadium Series game between the NY Rangers (my favorite team) and the NY Islanders. This was extremely cool for a couple of reasons. 

First of all, it was actually much cooler than cool, as in COLD.  The temperature hovered around the 20 degree mark with a wind chill down to about 5-10 degrees.  Brr.  Second, it was an outdoor hockey game.  If you know me you know I’m a big fan of hockey, almost to the point of not reconizing the existence of other sports. This was not just any hockey game either… this was my favorite team against their stately rivals.  I looked forward to this one for months.  So I’m getting paid to work a gig with an artist I truly enjoy working with… while at a hockey game.  Doesn’t get much better than that.  Throw in a great crew from RK Productions along with a bunch of Clair guys and products and you have the ingredients for a really fun evening. After a quick soundcheck and rehearsal the night before we were able to go out for a bite of sushi and a drink at a local pub. Got a good night’s sleep and came in the next day in the afternoon to get ready for the game.  Cee Lo was to perform to our DJ’s tracks before the game and during the first intermission so it was a pretty laid-back affair not having a full band and all that.  Two short sets of three songs each and we were finished.  Everything went smoothly and Cee Lo was in good voice despite the cold, which he’s not too big a fan of. After the performance we all retired to one of the stadium’s suites to watch the rest of the game while enjoying a bite to eat.  I had to remind myself throughout the day and evening that this was my job and I wasn’t there just to have fun.

To top it all off the Rangers won!  Can’t beat that!