Started mixing bands in High school at age 16.
1st Tour 1980 Working for Talas featuring Billy Sheehan opening for Van Halen on the Women & Children 1st tour. He was 19. It was AWESOME
Since then…
Shot once, Stabbed twice, Walked away from 2 Plane Crashes, 3 Bus crashes, 4 Bus fires
OD on heroin once, Survived 2 Cardiac Arrests, Fell out of a Truss at 18’,
 And had guns pulled on him 3 other times…
4 Gold records, 5 Platinum Records as gifts from several Artists.
After nearly 38 years… He compares himself to Richard Gere in the Movie Officer and a Gentleman when he is doing push ups in the rain, and Louis Gossett Jr. Asks him 
“Why Don’t you Quit?”
“Cause I got no place else to go!”