Stevie Wonder’s performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary show was off the hook. And a lesson for every performer.

When a technical glitch meant that the lights came up, a full house at Madison Square Garden roared and…. there was zero audio. Stevie did not freak out. He gave the crew time to fix it, found an acoustic guitar and a wireless mic that were working and said “We’re going to start a little differently than we had planned.” Then he launched into a chill-inducing version of Bob Dylan’s “Blowing In the Wind.” That, boys and girls, is a true pro.

This is one of those deja-vu things. I was looking on the Live2Play site for something else and saw that this story had been recently (recently as in it happened in the preceding couple of minutes) read by some visitor or another to the site. That show was right about two years ago. Back then we could not find video online of the incident but now it’s there. Check the video for exactly what went down.

It really was one of those tricks of timing things. The link to that old story appeared on the front page under the “Latest Read” heading. And that part of the page changes all the time. Every time someone accesses a page, it goes to the top of that list. When I went back to the front page a few minutes later, it was the last thing on the “Latest Read” list and seconds later, it was gone from the list completely. 

I won’t bore you with the details, but it really struck me. An hour before I saw this post I found out that a favorite uncle had died earlier in the day. And I found out via a FaceBook post from his son–my cousin. So maybe i was just in that “easily sturck” place but it hit me that while there is no direct connection, it was right about the time of this show that a series of events working together changed my life completely. Got in a GIANT fight with my boss which prodded me to read a book I had bought months earlier and never opened. An idea for an online business that merged the idea of search with the emerging social network paradigm began to take form. I started playing music with someone I met while doing gear reviews for both Live2Play and what was then my day gig.

Today, that one book has led to a dozen others and the introduction to both the world of quantum physics and the adoption of daily meditation practice as a regular part of my life. That online business idea was adapted and formed the foundation of what Live2Play has become and also served as the model for SoundProLive. I’m still playing music with the person mentioned above when we can both swing the time but, more importantly, she has since become an irreplacable part of our little team.

And I just saw a commercial on TV pushing a Stevie Wonder show at the Cosmo on the Strip on New Year’s Eve. Sometimes stuff just falls together. I guess that means i oughta give Danny Leake a shout. I did an interview with Danny, who has been Stevie’s FOH engineer for a long long time, and he gave a totally honest rundown of what happened on that show. That interview was for another publication but for some reason it is not on their Web site, So I searched around and found it linked to somewhere else. You can see it here. Kind of long but tons of great info.