Amazing the  things you find when you’re just wasting time on YouTube.

A few years back, I spent a bunch of time talking with Big Mick and Paul Owen about the TM subwoofer array they were using with Metallica. 

I was intrigued and really wanted to hear it. Tried at least three times. But–as outlined in these videos–putting the array up is not a simple thing. Once, I flew from Vegas to Salt Lake and when i got there… no TM Array. If i remember right, after accounting for the weight of the scoreboard in the arena, there was not enough capacity for the approx 6 tons that the array weighs.  A coupole of months later, i drove from Vegas to Ontario, CA. It was shortly before Christmas so i took my wife and daughter and they went Christmas shopping at the giant mega horrifying Ontario Mills mall while i went to cover the show and the TM array and…

No array. I think that time the issue was trim height. So, again, had a cool time hanging with Paul and Big Mick but no array. However I did nearly die when I accidently walked into the mosh pit in mid-show. A story for another time, me thinks.

That was a few years ago. Never did get to hear it. But, hey. Cruising YouTube for more funny music videos after watching The Women of L.A. which i heard about from the Lefsetz Letter… I think it was after the one called I Think I Farted that YouTube suggested a couple of vids from Meyer explaining the whole thing. So here, in this little blog entry, you get links to funny and sort-of obscene music videos AND geeky audio stuff.

You’re Welcome…

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