IMAGE: Evanescence FOH engineer Eddie Mapp with Midas PRO9


Las Vegas, NV — DECEMBER 19, 2011 —

FOH engineer and self-professed Midas analog fan Eddie Mapp is using a Midas PRO9 live audio system, supplied by Clair Brothers, for the Evanescence world tour, currently heading across Europe.

Mapp had previously relied on a Midas XL4 for every tour, before switching to digital desks a few years ago. “Why did I make the change to Midas Digital?” he says. “Tone, feel and most importantly, audio quality. I’ve had some great shows on other digital desks but nothing sounds and feels like the PRO9 does.”

Citing the PRO9’s EQ as one of the first features that won him over, Mapp continues, “It really blew me away, reminding me of what it was like to mix on a great analog desk. I just pushed up the guitars, did a little tonal shaping and they sounded massive. 

“Another thing I’ve noticed after bouncing from festivals to theatres on a variety of PA systems is how sonically huge the entire mix sounds. It reacts in a way that I haven’t felt since the XL4. Some desks seem to get a little choked up when they’re pushed too hard, but this keeps on going and going. 

“Having the option of four compressors on each channel that retain your settings as you scroll through is invaluable. The adaptive compressor is amazing on drums and percussion, and I’m using two multi band compressors, a pitch and a delay for vocals, with two plate reverbs for drums. The ability to sidechain either the compressor or gate from any channel is now a must-have for my mixing setup.

“Another great feature is the KVM switch which allows me to have my Mac Mini on the right hand screen. This runs the Meyer Galileo which I use for system tuning, my Smaart 7 setup and iTunes for playback, which makes for an extremely streamlined setup; now I don’t have to worry about carrying a laptop out to front of house during show time. 

“Finally, between the VCA and POPulation groups and the multiple input screens I never have to leave my mixing position, regardless of whether I’m making mixing or system adjustments.”

Mapp finds the options offered by the PRO9 have challenged him to think and rethink his approach to mixing. “It’s always fun as well as educational,” he concludes. “I’m still finding new ways of incorporating these features into my setup everyday. Right down to details like the linking function for each channel, the PRO9’s features have really been helpful in letting me set up each pair of inputs or outputs exactly as I’d like.”