Very little info. Just got this from Blake Norris in Las Vegas

About an Hour ago, I personally got the news that Christopher Arnstein has passed away……

Many of you may have known or worked with Chris over the years as he was involved as the tour / road manager and production head for the likes of Vanessa Williams, Julio Iglesias, Christian Castro, Pepe Aguilar, The Pointer Sisters, Michael McDonald, Natalie Cole, Jennifer Lopez, Air Supply, Bad English, Rachelle Ferrell, Sam Kinison, Madonna, Journey, Stevie Nicks, John Waite, Joe Walsh, Styx, ELO, Helen Reddy, The Eagles, Patrizio Buanne, Loren Johnson and many others over his long illustrious career.

Chris was one of the true good guys in our industry, always looking out for others and spreading the love and the work around, and his passing will be a huge loss to our industry.
For me, he was always there with career advice and guidance, as well as direction as who to talk too and get to know in the industry……always with a happy go lucky demeanor, and a jolly disposition, and a big smile…..all while being the   complete professional always in his various roles, while taking care of everyone that made him a joy to work with and or for…….

I am sure that everyone that knew Chris personally or had the pleasure of working with him feels that same way I do this evening over his passing…..

And to you Chris…….Thank you…….All of us will miss you……..Journey well Big Fella…….

“There is a moment when the Universe
sings through the Artist and fills the Souls of Everyone listening. 
When that feeling washes over you and lifts you up to that transcendent plane, 
whether you understand the lyrics, or not, 
you understand……. 
We are all connected and that moment
will live with you forever.”

You can find an extensive interview with Chris HERE