GUANGZHOU, China — DECEMBER 19, 2011 — 

An L-ACOUSTICS KUDO large format line source system has been used for an outdoor concert in Guangzhou by Greek pianist and composer Yanni as part of his Chinese tour. The sound system was supplied to the tour’s equipment provider, Beijing Dadong Huahan Audiovisual Equipment Co, by L-ACOUSTICS’ exclusive distributor for Greater China, Rightway Audio Consultants.

The main L-ACOUSTICS system consisted of 16 KUDO cabinets, 32 V-DOSC large format line source boxes and 24 SB28 subs, with 24 dV-DOSC for infill and two 115XT HiQ providing stage monitoring. The complete system was powered by 32 LA8 amplified controllers housed in six LA-RAKs.

“The KUDO system was really great for this concert because of its accurate adjustable horizontal dispersion, extended frequency range down to 25Hz and compact size,” says Alan Wong, sales manager from Rightway Audio Consultants. “It’s perfect for sidefill or any situation where accuracy, range and power is needed. The benefits of KUDO were recognized by the production crew and also by the audience.”

The concert, held in Haixinsha Park on the Pearl River in Guangzhou, opened with Yanni’s new-age classic “Santorini” and continued with many of his greatest hits. The L-ACOUSTICS system helped the audiences appreciate the different styles of Yanni’s music.