Take a look at the video and you’ll get an idea of just how crazy cool this event is. And it being cool was not faint acompli. It could have been sucky and boring.

The reason it is so cool is that it’s not just another sales opp. Where some would staff an event like this with product managers and marketing guys, PreSonus did the same thing that made Yamaha’s AudioVersity so great. They got high-profile users to talk to the assembled masses about real stuff.

People who wrote the freaking software, one of the top (if not the very tip top) studio designers in the world. Audio editors i have a lot of respect for including Craig Anderton and Frank Wells and to talk about real world uses of the StudioLive platform, no less than Michael “Ace” Baker who has toured the world with it and used the 24.4.2 to record live tracks that have ended up on Paul Gilbert, Sammy Hagar and Chickenfoot records.

And it was not presenters talking at people. At least as much time was spent on questions as on actual presentations.

And the had a kickin’ band to illustrate ther presentation points. The vid below is just some snapshots of moments from Day 1. We will be covering a bunch more tomorrow.

Stay tuned….. oh, and we’ll get into the hell of actually getting here in another blog.