One of the only things I missed and regretted about skipping NAMM this year was the chance to see a shipping version of the Waves eMotion mixing system. I have been after a totally computer based system for a long long time now. I bought one of Bob Lentini’s SAC rigs back in about 2010. Did a review of it in FOH. Looked for a link to it but can’t find it. Y’all know I am persona non grata around there, so no surprise. But if you want a glimpse of what an all-computer system is like, you might check out this group.

Anyway. Given that background, I have been bugging the Waves guys about when your eMotion system will be a reality for a few years now. And it is.

Here is a video by A-List FOH engineer Brad Divens about it. Rumor has it that our pal Pooch was demoing it at the show. Damn…

And here is the full story from the Waves site.

A full system includes I/O such as the DiGiGrid IOX (reviewed by our own Darth Fader HERE) Plus a SoundGrid server and a license for the actual eMotion software. Pricing depends on the size of the system, but the info we get from our pals in Tel Aviv range from about $7K for a 16-channel version to a bit north of $11K for a 32in/18 out system. And you can go up to double that in terms of I/O. Add to all of that the cost of a mac or PC to run the eMotion software. So it ain’t cheap. But it looks rather cool and, make no mistake, love it or hate it THIS is the future of mixing live sound. You might wanna pay attention here…

We are–of course–trying to get them to ship one out to us so we can run it through it’s paces.



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