When I first started covering pro audio I went on record a time or two about Meyer Sound systems. I believe I said something like they sounded great for pop and jazz and acoustic but that they might be a bit too “polite” for metal or hip-hop. Then I went to my first Metallica show and heard Big Mick Hughes take a Meyer rig to “Full Roar.” And then last year, I heard Outkast on a VER-provided Meyer Leo rig and it was anything but “polite.” I think I was still at the Outkast show when I went online and said the the LEO “doesn’t suck.”

This IS a company produced video which is something we don’t post a lot of here at the SoundProLive Network. But in it, Big Mick makes some really excellent observations about the nature of modern speaker systems and making it not only louder but making sure all of the instruments the audience is hearing are “in context.”