Hello Sue, 

What exactly does “eating right” mean to those of us on the road going at it 18 hrs a day? And what to do when the best menu is not available?


Hi TH, 

Thanks for that great question.  I know how challenging it is to eat on the fly and how easy it is to eat meals you can hold in your hand – which are rarely healthy.  Sugar is a real killer and acts like a drug in the body – but don’t make the mistake of drinking and eating “diet” foods – especially ones containing aspartane/Nutra Sweet as they are really poisonous to the body. 

I think the most important thing is to make sure you have some balance in your diet and that you consider some ways to make sure your blood sugar level stays balanced so that you can go long hours without living on crap the whole time.

To start out with try to make sure you have a protein with your breakfast.  Toast with almond butter or eggs is a great way to start a day and will give you the balance you need.

Keep bags of carrots in reach (instead of junk food) and apples and other crunchy raw veggies and fruits and snack on them regularly between meals as this will keep cravings at bay and keep you going.  Try to have some protein for your snack too.  Nuts are a great choice. 

For lunch its wise make sure to have protein and if possible vegetables in some form.   Same for dinner.

I think you can see that what I’m getting at is to make sure there’s healthy stuff around that will keep your blood sugar from zig zagging.  

For long evenings of work its also good to keep nuts around and if there’s any catering make sure to avoid the fried/breaded/carb/sugar heavy stuff.  

It could be useful to seek out homeopathic treatment if you need to address underlying food issues or other health problems that stem from an unhealthy diet.  I do skype/facetime/google hangout appointments so email me at anellony@gmail.com if you need more info.