As we sifted our way through the stench of nicotine infested skinny jeans (and when I say skinny jeans I mean not appropriately placed on people; like I’m wondering where that belly is gonna go dude) of forty plus something’s of “ ya know I almost had a record deal”, we made our way through NAMM 2015 as a trio. Larry Hall (not HAS), Jay Easley (not Haas), and James Elizondo (not Haüs) scoured the show floor for the next inspiring pieces of technology for our rental inventory. While most of what we saw we had seen before, there were a few standouts that became the favorites of Larry, Jay, and James. 

Larry’s top find is the Vue h-5 fill box. The perfect compliment to our 100+ box Vue inventory. It’s a very versatile loudspeaker. It has several M10 points on it so it can be used as an under balcony fill, it also has rubber pads so it can be laid down as a lip fill without the worry of it sliding around, It has a 120×40 coverage pattern, it’s powered, and it is compatible with the powerful control software SystemVue. All of this basically makes it out spec a K2 🙂

Jay’s top find is the new D.A.S. UX-221 double 21″ subwoofer. It rocks a pair of 4.5″ voice coils, 6800w power handling, 145db peak 21’s. The UX221 pairs perfectly with our DAS Aero40 rig as well as to supplement any system needing bone crunching bottom end.  Our growing EDM client list will enjoy the ‘drop the bass’ power handling. Bring on the brown note. 

  James’ top find is the RCF TTP5-A. The TTP5-A has some serious work put into it, it’s rockin a high powered    15″ woofer and beefy 4″ HF driver. It is of the constant curvature persuasion; with integrated rigging it makes it very easy to array them either vertically or horizontally. 138db output makes it pack quite a punch. When you couple that with 96khz, 32bit processing, and RCF’s RDNet control you have a small loudspeaker that turns into the little engine that could. 

In summary, we still didn’t get the record deal but we did manage see some very cool things our clients will enjoy and was able finally meet a good friend from Korea who flew 17 hours just to come and hang out with his H.A.S. posse. As we depart Anaheim and drive back to Fabulous Las Vegas we are already discussing what next bit of technology will excite us at Infocomm in Orlando this year. We will see you there

The H.A.S. Productions Crew

Viva Las Vegas