By BIll Evans


It is another one of those “if you are shocked you have not been paying attention” things. Yamaha has said they are working on a new, modular mixing platform for more than a year and the last couple of months have seen both the announcement of the end of production of the PM5D and a drop in prices (across brand lines) for used large-format consoles of about 25%.


This morning (March 21, 2012) Yamaha unveiled the new Centralogic CL series consisting of three consoles and two new Dante-powered I/O boxes. The consoles really only differ in frame size and input capability. The CL5 does 72 mono and 8 stereo, the CL3 64 mono and 8 stereo and the CL1 48 mono and 8 stereo. Target MSRPs are $27, 499, $21,999 and $14,999 respectively. The Rio (Remote I/O) boxes comes in 32 + 16 and 16 + 8 flavors and are targeted at $8,499 and $4,799. The Rio boxes and the CL5 surface are set to arrive late Spring and the CL3 and CL1 surfaces in late Summer.


The US unveiling will be in a few weeks at the NAB show in Las Vegas and SPL will be onsite to capture video.


There is way too much to the CL series to take in one go but here are some highlights and a link to the CL page on the Yamaha Commercial Audio Web site.


  • 16 assignable 31-band graphic EQs
  • An 8U effects rack
  • A new 8U “Premium Rack” featuring software version of the Rupert Neve-designed Portico compressors and EQs as well as the new Yamaha VCM compressors and EQs
  • Multitrack recording via Dante Virtual Soundcard with Nuendo Live bundled
  • Offline editor software for Mac and PC plus StageMix for iPad control
  • 24 mix buses and 8 matrix buses and 16 DCAs


Of extra interest for rental companies, the standard I/O and interface across all three models means that consoles and stage boxes can be mixed and matched to create a system appropriate for the gig.